Saturday, 5 January 2013

Talk about Tibet- Chinese Robot

User Guide: Push the button, enter the “Car Smashing” game.

While peaceful Tibetan protests
terminate in brutal crackdown,
one kind of protest is protected,
encouraged and inflamed by the Government,
described by the Chinese propaganda as an expression
the inviolable dignity of the Chinese people.
On 19 August 2012,
hundreds of thousands of protesters in my hometown
and in many other parts of China marched down the streets
chanting slogans such as “Smash Japanese Imperialism”.
The pretext was a dispute about Senkaku Island between China and Japan.
They called for the
boycott of Japanese goods and condemn of the Japanese government.
Many protesters carried Mao’s placards,
tore up Japanese flags, smashed Japanese-branded cars
and vandalized and ransacked shops selling Japanese goods.
Propaganda is often addressed to people
who are already sympathetic to the agenda.
If the Chinese are keen on nothing except
advance their own interest,
they would not have blindly joined the
Communist Party’s most successful post-Mao political crusade:
a Patriotic Education Campaign about a century of humiliation.
It waged in textbooks, newspapers, films and monuments since 1989.
“Somewhere in its recent history the Chinese psyche has undergone
a peculiar kind of moral lobotomy,
whereby no pain, humiliation or suffering,
except for that experienced by itself,
could ever be real. “(Shadow Tibet)

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